SEMANTIC MEDIA is a results-driven, full service Canadian SEO Internet Marketing Service partnered with brands to drive web traffic, achieve higher search rankings and grow Web visibility through a mix of tried and tested internet marketing services.

Our team of experienced digital marketing consultants and designers create custom solutions clients’ internet marketing needs ranging from content, outreach, social media, reputation and SEO. Whether what you are looking for a partner in your one-time project or perhaps a long-term joint venture, SEMANTIC MEDIA is poised to work with you as your trusted strategist or provide you with a creative team to handle your internet marketing needs.


Your need is the same need that drove the creation of SEMANTIC MEDIA. We understand completely your need for a sustainable, organic growth and that same need keep our digital marketing agency alive, ready to assist you in realizing your short-term and long-term goals. Today, for your business to strive you need more visibility, readers, customers, traffic, leads, sales and more. 

Other times, you may need something even more complex than simple increase in leads and traffic. What you need is to obtain qualified leads, a solid reputation to match a solid brand, diversification and a story that connects to your audience. We understand what you need and we strive to deliver them to you. SEMANTIC MEDIA is Canada’s foremost digital marketing agency that endeavors to achieve your marketing goals as if they are ours.

Why Us

SEMANTIC MEDIA’s team of internet marketing and SEO experts are results-driven professionals. They are passionate, honest, creative, reliable and accountable to produce the best results for you. We are outspoken and that means we communicate openly and honestly with you and that we are always clear to what your expectations.

Before we sealed our partnership, we make sure that you hear the truth right from the start and from then on, we establish the ideal campaign to achieve your goals. SEMANTIC MEDIA desires to bring you transparency in this complex industry. This way we aim to earn your trust so we can work to the best of your interests.

Are you ready to get started in realizing your goals today? Contact us and let us begin.

HOW DO WE HELP YOU? With Internet Marketing Solutions That Suit Your Needs

What is your goal? Is it to grow your visibility? Is it to drive more traffic and leads to your website? Perhaps, is it that you want to achieve higher ranking in Google? Whatever your goal is, We can help. With honest, reliable, smart and passionate members, we are confident we can earn your trust.

Semantic Media aims to help you in your endeavor to boost your traffic, utilizing varying tools and techniques to drive more conversions to your website and thus more sales to your website. We serve as your partner in achieving your marketing goals, helping you increase your organic traffic using fully integrated SEO techniques along with all the latest and best digital marketing practices.

As a leading digital marketing agency in Canada, SM collaborated with many brands executing digital marketing campaigns for hundreds of websites. We helped them dominate the Web and the highly competitive industries they belong.

What Clients Say?

  • “Since signing Semantic Media we have added 2 inside salesmen to deal with the leads that we are getting.”